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Bow Down For Your Salvation - 82%

Twisted_Psychology, July 12th, 2009

Perhaps due to bassist/vocalist Peter Steele's tendency to take the spotlight with his morbid sense of humor and the infamous Playgirl incident, the other band members of Type O Negative remain overlooked by many listeners. Hopefully with the launching of this new project, guitarist/vocalist Kenny Hickey and drummer Johnny Kelly may be able to get a taste of acclaim on their terms.

To get one thing established right away, this sounds almost nothing like Type O Negative. Seventh Void's debut may be packed with doom metal riffs and a dark atmosphere but it lacks the vampire aesthetics, combination of depressing and humorous lyrics, prominent keyboards, and low pitched vocals of their main band. Instead, we have a band that sounds like the love child of Alice in Chains and Soundgarden after being babysat by Black Sabbath. The guitar riffs have a muddy grunge quality, the music generally goes at a groovy mid-tempo pace, the lyrics are more cryptic, and Hickey's vocals manage to sound a lot like a scratchier version of Chris Cornell on many occasions.

The songs themselves showcase a strong balance of doominess and accessibility. Most riffs are able to get the listener's head bobbing in spite of their downtrodden nature and the choruses hospitably stay in the listener's mind even after the album is finished. The title track in particular has potential to be a fairly successful single. Unfortunately, a few tracks aren't quite as memorable as the more powerful highlights...

Overall, this is a fairly solid album that is worth checking out for fans of Type O Negative, grunge, stoner rock/metal, and doom metal. It may not be a top record this year, but it makes for an enjoyable listen.

1) Showcases a different side of its Type O Negative based founders
2) Songs are accessible and intelligently written
3) The riffs and vocals are nicely executed

1) It isn't the most unique or groundbreaking release
2) A few less memorable tracks

My Current Favorites:
"Closing In," "Heaven is Gone," "The End of All Time," "Broken Sky," and "Drown Inside"