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mediocre... - 60%

electric_stryder, November 13th, 2004

This was 'album of the month' in a Dutch metal magazine. 'A refreshing, modern sound of new Heavy Metal' yeah right! I guess it was one of the worst I bought in 2002.

Like said before this album offers nothing new. There are a few good songs (Metal Tyrant, The Burning) but the rest is just mediocre. The riffs are repetitive and the songs are always in the same formula.

With Metal Tyrant the album begins promising. Quite aggressive riffing here, it sometimes even sounds a bit like Judas Priest. Anyway after the opening track we’ve got ‘Incubus’, it starts good but man I hate that slow part! It totally ruins the song. ‘Salvation’ is more of the same, just like the rest that follows. ‘The Burning’ (with Jon Oliva) saves the album from being a total disaster.

It’s not a terrible album though but when you play too much mid-paced songs you’ll get an average and boring release.