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This sucks hard - 23%

ThrashingMad, October 23rd, 2007

The album starts off with whoever the fuck the lead singer is saying "We're taking back the metal." This clearly is an odd way of saying "We're gonna play old school heavy metal because we don't give a flying fuck about trends blah blah blah." As the album goes on this statement becomes more and more absurd, because clearly the only thing they're taking is a shit all over the listener.

So basically this stuff sucks more balls then a whore in Las Vegas, but there are some good points so let’s focus on those first. The first two songs are actually pretty good. "Metal Tyrant" is the better of the two. It has a good main riff and the chorus is decently catchy. The next one is more of the same but not quite as good. It also has a really annoying bridge that takes away from the rest of the song. The last highpoint is that the vocalist is pretty good. He has a nice voice and he uses it well.

Now onto the bad stuff, and there is a whole shitload of it. So there are two main things that are wrong with the album. One, the songwriting, for the most part, is completely awful. It mostly consists of boring verses and obviously forced choruses that go nowhere. None of the songs are catchy; they are all poorly written and really boring. It sounds like they wrote each song in about five minutes. Two, there are literally about five good riffs on this whole album. The rest are overly simple, boring riffs made up of mostly power chords. Most of the songs are complete throwaways, total filler. It's just so obvious that these guys are pointlessly going through the motions. It sounds as if someone forced them to record an album but they really didn’t feel like it, so they slapped together a bunch of mediocre songs that allowed them to do the bare minimum and called it a day. It’s like a high school student who really doesn’t want to do a test, so he writes A as the answer to every question with total disregard for if it is right or not. I could literally bore myself to death with this album. That's actually the only reason I haven't sold it yet. I figure that if my life ever gets so bad to the point where I can't take living anymore, I'll just throw this piece of donkey feces in my cd player and painlessly let myself die.

Most of the songs on here are just bad because they are mediocre and boring as fuck, but there are a few songs that are truly unlistenable. "Pain" is an absolute wreck of a song. It has horrible verses and a chorus that manages to be even worse than most of the ones on this album, over basic groove riffs that sound terrible and barely ever change. This isn't a heavy metal song, it's a groove metal song with a heavy metal mask on, and I am not fooled. Seriously, it sounds like they stole it from Phil Anselmo's house while he was too strung out on heroin to notice, and then added melodic vocals. "The Eyes of an Angel" pisses me off, because it starts with a killer first riff and then proceeds to turn to shit. The actual song may be the worst on the album, with cheesy verses, an equally bad chorus, and boring riffs. They return to the first riff a few times and for those parts the song is awesome, but for the rest it, it isn’t worth two shits.

I think I have ranted enough for the reader to get the point. This album is awful, completely awful. It has some pretty cool parts at the start, but the vast majority of the songs sound worse than a fat man defecating. This is boring, worthless, forgettable, and a thousand other less than flattering adjectives. Don’t buy it, don’t even look at it.