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Summon The Lord With Horns - 99%

evangeliclies, November 5th, 2008

Setherial's "Lords of the Nightrealm" is the quintessential black metal album; a pure masterpiece of blasphemy and musical carnage. There are no keyboards, no clean vocals, and no bullshit. The production is excellent, but not overproduced or "polished" like Dimmu Borgir, and it compliments their style perfectly. From the insane one-footed blasting of Otto Wiklund, the abundance of memorable riffs, and the hellish vocals of Kraath; this is black metal perfection.

The entire album is comprised of 8 tracks, all of which can stand on their own. Beginning with "Satan's Realm", a ferocious blastfest from the onset, the beast that is Setherial never lets up until the album is over. Most albums of similar style get monotonous with the constant barrage of blasts and speedy riffs, but with "Lords", Setherial wrote killer riffs and leads, which maintain your attention throughout. The drumming is fast, varied, and creative with lots of fills and breaks. The vocals are throaty and delivered with conviction. When they double them with low vocals, it sounds completely evil. All of these elements combine to create an album which is one truly hellish listening experience. Had this lineup stayed together, who knows what could've been.

Although Setherial have strayed far from the mastery which is displayed on this album, don't let their newer material dissuade you from picking up this gem. I wouldn't categorize many black metal albums as brutal, but this is definitely one and it undoubtably needs to be in your collection. Recommended tracks are "Satan's Realm", "Shades Over Universe", "Summon The Lord With Horns", and "Lords of the Nightrealm".