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Lords' Last Album - 90%

So_It_Is_Done, February 16th, 2009

Lords of the Nightrealm is a second full lenght by Setherial and perhaps the best one in their career. This album is peculiar because of its particular nature - very tense sound, very twisted almost death metal riffs, and really hateful vocals.

Unlike their following releases Lords of the Nightrealm has no trace of happy melodies and catchy phrases. It is a progression from Nord toward a more typical Swedish blastbeating style. It is crafted with such an overdose of aggression that you should excuse the style, which they have been overusing and exploiting to this day together with countless bands like Dark Funeral.

Nevertheless, starting with Satan’s Realm this album does not slow down till the end. It clearly is not a let down comparing to Nord, but something quite new in terms of execution; very death metal like craft. Good musicanship, namely various surprising riffs, powerful drumming and even a couple of interesting solos are present here and there. Finally vocals, which are probably the best Kraath has ever made. Why did he stop singing will remain a question, because he was a much better vocalist than weak sounding Wrath.

Above all, the structure of songs - they are twisted with many unexpected solutions, piercing solos and I believe I hear even some traces of Casio. The production is great, it is harsh, but everything is perfectly hearable. Lyrical themes are typical, they fit the music well, but they are pretty naive, some could say straightforward.

To conclude, this release is a must for every black metal fan. It is one of the best albums from Sweden, before this scene became generic, lazy and 'inventive'. It is also the last Setherial album before they started to play uninspired and naive music. The recent photo session shows that they again pretend to be bad boys but who would believe that they will record good music again?
(Firstly published on Metal Archives around 2005, now rewritten).