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What Real Satanism Should Sound Like - 100%

Kristenhat666, February 26th, 2011

I hate to say this, but Setherial are somewhat of a joke band today, a band that nobody takes seriously. To people who listen to Black Metal, Setherial is just one of the countless formations that play acceptable or good music, no more no less. I personally would not buy any of their last full-lengths, as they are rather uninspired and unconvincing. However, this was not always the case. Some of us remember the glory days ( the 1990s, obviously) when, following the incredibly atmospheric and cold "Nord" release from 1996, this once superior band unleashed what I personally consider, on a musical level, to be the most brutal Satanic album ever to be labeled as Black Metal: Setherial 's glorious, infamous and hate-soaked LORDS THE NIGHTREALM opus.

The general consensus among those who listen to the various styles of Metal is that it is Death Metal, and not Black Metal, that is characterized by its sheer brutality. The fact is that, in order to play BM in as true a form as possible, it is almost inconceivable to make it really "pounding" without slipping into another genre. I for one also thought this to be unachievable within the strict limits of BM. Until LORDS OF THE NIGHTREALM proved me wrong, that is.The production plays an undeniable role in bringing out this pure brutality. I would not say that this is due to the guitar sound, but rather to the sound of the bass and drums and the way in which they were mixed. The bass drum and incredible drum rolls, played at an insane speed by Moloch, and the agile fingers of bassist Kraath take full advantage of this production and amplify the intensity of the music. Undoubtedly, the riffs were composed with the conspicuous intention of being brutal, but no other production nor mixing would have been more fitting than this!

Which brings me to why the music is indeed "Supreme Satanic Black Metal Art", as described in the CD booklet by the band themselves. What better way to bring out the essence of Satanism can anyone think of if not the fact of creating music that is obscure, occult-inspired, hateful and brutal at once? Despite the differences between the songs, the overall effect, thanks to the atmosphere generated by the riffing, mixing and production, is precisely that of a pure Satanic experience. This album is THE Satanic release of the 2nd BM wave, and must be heard to be believed!

So I urge you: do not judge Setherial by their current standards. If you are not lucky enough to have heard LORDS OF THE NIGHTREALM back when it first came out, try to look past what the band is today and get your hands on this gem as soon as possible, ideally on the vinyl release, which would make the "audial devil-worship" contained in this album even more effective. For once you've entered Satan's realm, you will want to enjoy it for all eternity. Just like I do.