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Swedish Black Metal at its best... - 100%

Puci, June 14th, 2009

I wanted to review this album, for a long time now because it deserves every praise. Setherial are a band that knows what they are doing and this album proves that fact. After such classics as Nord and Hell Eternal, the great skills of this Swedish Black Metalers should never be doubted.

This album starts with a superb hyperblasting black metal composition, somewhat traditional for Swedish black metal. Just the kind of opening this album deserves. The album continues in the same manner throughout the 45 minutes in which probably the most underrated songs are consisted.

The album itself is like split in two halves. The first half is something that Setherial are already known for. Superb blasting intros, tremolo picked guitar lines, multiple vocal lines which combined with the tension and aura that accompany this black art create the unique atmosphere that is Endtime Divine. The second half starts off with The Night of All Nights and is somewhat darker than the first half of the album. There is still the same tension, but the atmosphere is a little different, the melody lines are darker and the atmosphere is a lot colder than the atmosphere we are used to with Setherial. I think that Setherial with this album tried to avoid the rather similar sound that is typical for Swedish Black Metal. They tried to avoid the comparison with bands like Dark Funeral, Marduk or Thy Primordial and I think that they’ve done a very good job.

Endtime Divine is a very strong black metal album, an album that every metalhead should have in his collection, because it is in a way original and it still carries the typical marks for the aforementioned Swedish Black Metal. It is brutal, melodic, dark and atmospheric-the perfect formula for a perfect black metal album.

Standout tracks: Subterranean, The Night of All Nights, Endtime Divine, Storms.