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Servile Sect - Stratospheric Passenger

FUZZ 'N' BUZZ - 74%

caspian, December 18th, 2007

Fuzz and buzz are great things. Whether it's the amorphous, swirly fuzz of Nadja, or the blackened buzz of Striborg, or the epic, super loud fuzz of The Goslings, it's a sound that when used properly sounds pretty damn awesome. Servile Sect are the latest band that's a huge fan of the fuzz and buzz, and what they've created here is a pretty unique, if inconsistent sound.

It's pretty hard to come up with a good description for this band, but a good summary would be get Nadja, speed it up a bit and then make it a bit worse. THe Nadja comparison is pretty valid, especcially in the excellent 'Into the Bloom', where some sort of BM-influenced drumming and screaming meet a huge wall of glowing, white hot fuzz. It's a pretty impressive sound, and there's a few other good examples of it, like the fairly gentle shoegazey strains of opener 'Numb', and 'Kingdom', which has a terrible opening minute or so but soon gets all fuzzy and just really nice.

Indeed, the whole 'Nadja with screams and faster drums' is a pretty good sound, and when they nail it it sounds pretty terrific. But, as with most debut, there's a few clunkers here and there. 'Stratospheric' is very pretty and nice until some screams completely ruin the fairly peaceful vibe, 'Trainwreck' is a bunch of sound effects and noise that achieves no purpose and most of the songs lack any sort of vision, being walls of fuzzy guitars that sound pretty awesome but don't really go anywhere. I imagine these guys are somewhat enamoured of the sounds of Nadja, The Angelic Process, Hjarnidaudi and some shoegaze bands, and while that's a good thing, the main difference seperating Servile from these totally freaking awesome bands is that they don't quite have the songwriting that these guys have. Whilst TAP and Hjarni's songs are meticulously composed and always have a sense of progress, Servile just turn on their amps and fuzz for a couple of minutes.

That's not necessarily a bad thing, though. Fuzz is good. The use of some extra speed and a tiny bit of BM makes the fuzz a bit more interesting, and while the songwriting (and the fairly bassless production) could use some improvement, overall this is a pretty decent release. Recommended for fans of fuzz, no matter what the kind.