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Serpent ov Old > Poison Pure Suicide > Reviews > lordazmolozmodial
Serpent ov Old - Poison Pure Suicide

Insane EP - 93%

lordazmolozmodial, August 28th, 2012

As a black metal fan, I am really glad that I discovered the new black metal project of Schatz (the guitarist and the bassist of the American black metal band Shadows in the Crypt) that has been named as Serpent ov Old, because this project shows the ability to create more Unorthodox and unusual black metal style.

The first EP album "Poison Pure Suicide" is a great shot for all the black metal fans around the world, because it simply provokes all the anger and the demonic feelings. The EP contains four tracks that run for about 17 minutes of raging black metal riffs and suicidal screams that intend to burn Philadelphia alive. The vocals of Schatz are really sick and insane, the high pitch and the sharp screams are making every track in this record more malicious and wicked, and the guitar solos are evil enough to suck your mood and spit insane atmosphere on your face.

The overall atmosphere that has been created in this EP album is different somehow than the atmosphere that the guys have created in Shadows in the Crypt's albums, though the same fast tempo has been used in this album, but the overall composition and arrangement are somehow different than all the American black metal releases that I've ever heard. The tracks "Poison Pure Suicide" and "This Insidious Gospel" are really solid pieces of pure black metal riffs and hellish blast beats, the solos also are the best story to be told in this record, because they simply make the whole sound more sick and infernal.

If you are a fan for the band Shadows in the Crypt then you have to get a copy for this album and start entering the abyss that the members created for you. This album is a great example for the people who aren't into the American black metal scene, because the the successful elements that have been added to this record are enough to make this EP at the top of my black metal releases of the year, the old school black metal artwork style and the complex black metal tracks are here to rip your mind apart.

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