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Serpent Crown - Serpent Crown

Serpent Gown - 40%

Sweetie, November 22nd, 2022

Serpent Crown hit my radar back when HPGD did the CD bundles that got their back-stock into the hands of others for very cheap. I'm glad it only costed me a buck, because over the years, I cannot get this band to grow on me. Simply titled Serpent Crown, the Bay Area thrashers do little to reflect what comes to mind when thinking of classics within their category. With only six songs, it's a brief listen, adding slight punk flavors to the overall taste.

On paper, this sounds great, but Serpent Crown falls into the category of albums where the vocals alone absolutely tank the whole release. They're admittedly unique for the more straightforward thrash sound, having a coarse, belting nature to them, yielding almost no variation other than VERY slight changes in aggression. I think part of the issue is the fact that this mixes poorly with the music. Had this been way more on the hardcore end, or perhaps was backed by powerviolence riffing/slamming, it may have fit nicer.

Since that isn't the case, things mix like water and oil. It also doesn't help that even stripping this away, you get pretty basic thrashing for a good majority of the release that does little to invoke interest. I'll say that the build-up in "Doomsayer," thanks mostly to the drums, boasted a bit of an energetic rush. Weirdly, the fact that "The Trickster" dips into the groovy pool actually enhances this track, allowing for at least something to stand out. But the rest of this can't makeup for the unpleasantness of the vocals.

I never bothered to check out the following release. Perhaps there is some potential, as this isn't the worst thing I've ever heard. But the taste that Serpent Crown leave on their first outing gives me little incentive to keep going forward. There are probably some changes that could be made to fix this, starting by deciding if they want to do the more accessible thrash that the music suggests, or some form of extreme punk that the attitude and vocals nod towards. The two can work well together sometimes, but this aint it.