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Extremely Chaotic Yet Without Direction - 75%

Akerthorpe, November 14th, 2013

Serocs is a band that blurs the lines between technical and brutal death metal. Upon the first listen of this cd I wasn’t sure what to think. Everything was constantly changing throughout the tunes on this album and I just chalked it up to it all sounding like a thrown together clusterfuck of insanity. After the second listen, my initial impression of this cd was solidified. I did not think much of their approach to playing this type of metal.

First off there is absolutely no rhythm here. Each aspect of the music seems as if it is playing alone of it its own little world going in 4 separate directions. As for the vocals, they seem misplaced throughout the whole cd. It’s as if nothing really fits anywhere. Now, as for each aspect of the music: the guitars have a really nice sharp bite to them with a cool grungy, grindy edge for good measure. The drums are pretty damn technical in some parts and brutal in others, and the bass is nice and thick. As for the vocals, they sound agonized and tormented with a slight strain to them and that does add a unique brutalness to them. The proficiency of each musician is not in question here, but what is in question is whether or not they actually took any time putting these songs together. I am not going to negate the fact that the overall outcome of these tunes is a brutal one, but for me this cd falls just a little flat due to the lack of said rhythm and continuity of these songs. These guys sound like a bastardized version of Carnifex, Origin, and Dying Fetus who really want to sound like Skinless. I really have absolutely no idea what these guys were trying to do here. This cd is the perfect musical version of trying to put a square peg in a round hole. Even so, I still respect the hell out of these guys for putting forth one hell of an effort. I just hope that on their next recording they take a little time on the song construction. There is obviously a large amount of talent within this band, they just need a little more time and experience to get things right. I am not going to lose hope that their next effort will be much better.

From time to time I may put this cd in and listen to it in hopes that it will grow on me and I will understand the bands methods in creating this slab of unadulterated yet undirected chaos. Even though this album fell a bit short of my liking, I am sure there will be tons of fans out there who will absolutely love it. These guys still deserve all the support they can get for keeping it metal and doing what they do and playing what they believe in. Check these guys out if you are into bands such as the ones listed above as well as: Grave, Annotations of an Autopsy, Gorelord, and Suffocation.