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Best Derrek Green album - 68%

Defiler, June 24th, 2004

Well, we all know it's not Arise, nor BTR or Chaos A.D. all of those 3 classics had something that no other band had. those efforts stand close, really close to the ultumate combination of thrash metal with a tons of varied elements - from hardcore and punk influences, to tribal jamming.

But after lord Cavalera has left storming the band, the ever known as "Not as good as Max" Derrek green (a.k.a as the colored fellow).
But Chris rock said it best when he said "Jesus is black !", cuz Derrek Green never sound better in his whole career as he sound in Roorback.
Lifting from the album from the top - with the anti-war "Come back alive" shines an extremely non-cynical view of war-crisis - all moshed with a groovie laydown and thrashy guitarwork. Igor is still Igor - pounding on his skins like a whole tribe of drummers, and Green shouts his throat out to the craspy no-return point.

The problem with the album is that it's too unstaddy in it's composition level and it's thrilling points. there several good songs, some avarge songs that are cool for first listenning, and some bad songs that ain't worth even the first listen - all is deployed in the unreasonable sound-choise mixdown.

Sepultura - never again the same thrash metal phenomena of the late 80's, are forever middled in the groove-oriented hardcore to metalcore musical approach, yet insted of choosing some juisy sound of the guitar as Machine-head or Fear-factory, they chose the thrash-metal thick like a bone guitar sound - which could be working perfectly if they were still playing thrash metal !
The only two songs the mixing gives a good point are the thrashy ones. "Currupted" resemble a version of Slayer's "Criminaly insane" with a hard-core twist after the middle - reminding the faster cuts of Chaos A.D. like Refuse/Resist.
"Activist" is another Chaos A.D. like fast-song - short and catchy. Sepultura are never tired from their political lyrics - but they need some writer with the wit of Warrel Dane to give their wicker track an understandable textual approach.

Some good metalcore songs here, anyway - that uphill the Roots-to-Nation era - like "Mind war" with a charming C-part and "More of the same" with a calm bridge. Imagine Killswitch engage only in the Sepulturial way.

Not a bad album, but far from Excellent.