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Well executed cover songs - 89%

toofargone, April 7th, 2004

I’ve always thought that cover albums can be a sort of hit and miss affair, which is why I was glad to see Sepultura hit the nail right on the head with their attempt, ‘Revoulsongs’. Featuring such classics as Hellhammers’ ‘Messiah’, Jane Addiction’s ‘Moutain Song’, and even U2’s ‘Bullet the Blue Sky’, this EP has a nice array of songs. From fast and heavy ‘Messiah’, to the thrashing punk song ‘Mongoloid’ to mostly slow, memorable ‘Bullet the Blue Sky’ the listener’s sure to find plenty on offer.
It’s hard to make good assessment on an album like this unless you’ve actually heard most of the originals. I must admit that I haven’t heard them all, but what I can support is the fact that the songs are all well executed, showing off all of the member’s talents and strengths. I was especially surprised by Derrick Green’s vocals on tracks like ‘Messiah’ and ‘Angel’, where he shows that he can actually put on a display of heavy vocals, something not always obvious on this EP, or any of his work with Sepultura for that matter. Andreas Kisser plays guitar with the best of them, Paulo Jr. shows that the same can be said for him on his bass and Igor Cavalera executes the songs on hand with absolute perfection. All that coupled together with some great songs, I’m sure that any Sepultura fan, or even anybody that’s musically diverse, can find lots to satisfy themselves with. But, I do have one complaint with this EP, the cover of ‘Black Steel In the Hour of Chaos’. If you can look past the scratches and rap, which is at one point is in the band’s native language and at another done with heavy vocals, then your enjoyment won’t be hindered in the least.