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Sepultura can still Thrash!!! If they wanted to. - 65%

Immortal666, March 13th, 2008

Yes, Sepultura can still thrash with the best of them. They proved it here on their all-covers album Revolusongs with their perfect, dare I say it, better than the original rendition of Exodus' "Piranha". Listening to this track makes me imagine Beneath the Remains-era Sepultura being transported to the modern day setting. The uncredited track 8 teased me some more as the faint opening strains of Metallica’s "Enter Sandman" soon morphed into the wicked thrash riff of "Fight Fire With Fire" before it faded and left me shaking my head in dismay on what could've been had the Seps' completed the track. They can still thrash...if they wanted to. The skill is there but they lack the willingness so it seems.

But alas, that's just the last two songs on the CD. There's still the other tracks to discuss. "Messiah", a Hellhammer cover, open things up and starts this album up on a positive note with its heavy handed riffing and powerful drum beats. At first I didn't even recognize that it was Derrick Green doing vocals on this track. For a second, I thought Max had done guest vocals. From the headbanging beginning, the mood immediately tapers off on track two with their cover of Massive Attack's "Angel". While obviously heavier and given the 'Sepultura treatment', it's a dragging and unexciting song. Public Enemy's "Black Steel..." witnesses the Sep's foray into rap metal - and that can't be good right? Right.

The mood shifts positively on the next track which is a cover of Devo's "Monggoloid", an upbeat track that kicks into hardcore high-gear as it closes. "Mountain Song", a Janes' Addiction original, works well as it sounds like a heavy alternative rock track with ringing guitars that don't try to sound metal. I consider myself a U2 fan and despite this, I have never liked "Bullet the Blue Sky". Thus, Sepultura's cover of this song didn't work for me as they didn't add anything new to it. They just made a boring rock song a heavier but still boring song. The last track is the true highlight of this entire album and I already discussed it at the start of this review so there's no need to reiterate.

So is this album worth your money? Probably not. You can easily download Sepultura's cover of "Piranha" somewhere in the wide world web. But I got this cheap and by accident so if by chance you'll be put in a similar situation and you're not starving for food - don't hesitate to pick this up.