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There's something about Morbid Visions - 85%

morbert, May 29th, 2007

Let's be honoust. In essence there's a lot to laugh about concerning 'Morbid Visions'. These guys were still young kids here and it shows. The lyrics are pathetic and so are the performances and especially the sound. The compositions themselves stick to worshipping early-Kreator, Slayer and Sodom with more than a hint of 'The Return'-era Bathory. It wasn't until 'Schizophrenia' that the boys learned to play.

However! It all seems to work for some reason. The enormously simplistic riffs, the hideous squeeky solos of Jairo, the straight forward drumming, the over the top reverbish vocals and the awful production alltogether form a truly 'evil' hyperactive atmosphere that I really still like to put on my recordplayer every once in a while after all these years. I dare say it's because all the flaws fall in place with eachother in exactly the right amount and balance.

Not considering the performance and sound there are actually some great songs here. My personal favorite 'Crucifixion' (due to the vocal effects on the chorus and speed in general), 'Show Me The Wrath' and the titletrack of course. Most songs follow the same path and structure but the album doesn't get boring. The songs are all relatively short. The original version of 'troops Of Doom' is quite nice but the 1990 version showed the true potential of this song.

Yes, there's something about Morbid Visions