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Horrible production, sloppy as hell playing... - 55%

Wra1th1s, March 31st, 2008

...So why do I like it!? Considering this was their formal debut (I consider LPs to be a band's true debut), it's very disappointing and underwhelming. When you consider their next album, Schizophrenia, you can hardly believe it's the same band. The biggest crime here would be the tinny guitar tone, c'mon guys! Bestial Devastations had a better tone! The guitars are particularly cringe-worthy when the solos come. Not that Jairo T., who doesn't look like a metalhead in the liner pictures, is a bad guitarist. It's just that the production makes his solos so squeaky and difficult to listen.

The other aspects are slightly better: The drums aren't horrible but very, very sloppy; The vocals have this weird effect put on it that makes it sound louder and echo-ish but not quite as much as reverb; The bass...well the bass is there. Poor Paulo, this and the EP before is the few albums where you can here him. Although his bass playing isn't too special.

The songs...well they're okay. Clearly these boys had much potential, the songs are like a rougher and rawer version of Schizophrenia or Beneath the Remains. But the songs, although headbang worthy, don't stand out very much. Oh sure there are interesting riffs in the songs and some solos that are above average, but it's not as strong as their future records. Even Igor admits (according to the re-releases liner liner notes) that they were ripping off the songs from their heroes, thus there ain't much depth to them. The only one that stands out is "Troop(s) of Doom" but it still suffers from the same obstacles from the others.

As you'd have guessed by now, I'm reviewing the re-release with Bestial Devastations. But since there's a separate page for it, I'll review it there.

Conclusion: This album is off-putting at first, what with the rawer-than-black-metal production and kids playing it fast and sloppy. But give it a couple of listens, then this album begins to grow on you.

Get the re-release, you'll get more bang for your buck.