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Outstanding, if repetitive at times - 85%

CrowTRobot, December 27th, 2003

Here we have a classic example of a band at its most brilliant, if not necessarily as technically proficient as it would eventually become. Sepultura showed astounding promise with this release, and would go on to make some equally killer albums before sinking into oblivion. "Morbid Visions" is a bare-bones death metal record that sticks to the core ideals of the genre, not straying too far in any one direction, and not collapsing on itself due to lack of innovation.

I admit that by the time the last track rolls around, things sound a bit dull and contrived, but that is easily forgivable. Almost every song is a winner, and the raw production only serves to purvey the aggression and determination of the band. Max's singing is suited well to the minimalist style of the record, and the lyrics, although silly at times, do the job. Igor doesn't bust any balls, but the drumming does set a nice pace. As for guitar, Jairo provides ungodly shrieks and squeals on lead, and Max shows signs of the potential that would be realized on "Schizophrenia " and "Beneath the Remains".

Overall, a definite must-own for anyone interested in early Death Metal, and the beginnings of a band that would equally mesmerize and disappoint as time went on.