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Primordial Brutality - 94%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, February 21st, 2008

What can we say that hasn’t been already said for this great debut (in full length if we don’t consider the Bestial Devastation EP) by one of the most representative bands in thrash/death metal during the 80s? Every fan of this music not only should, but MUST, know this one like every album by Sepultura ‘till 1991 or, if you want, ‘till 1993 (it’s my case). This is one of the most influential blackened death/thrash release ever!

Teenagers who wanted to play Sodom/Kreator/Venom style, created an album to remember for the ferocious, vicious sound. The most thrash metal influences of their first EP were brutalized by a high dose of early black/death metal to create legendary tracks like “Morbid Visions” or the great “Show Me The Wrath”. Max's vocals are on the borderline between screams and suffered growls, the drumming by Igor is fast as hell with brutal, primordial up tempo parts.

“Mayhem” are total vocals madness: fast as hell in pure Reign In Blood style while the guitar parts are always easy but catchy and total impact. The solos are quite messy and very raw with tremolos and whistles. “Troops Of Doom” is the track that made history here because it would have been done again in the future and it’s the one that shows a quite more “mature” structure. “Crucifixion” has to be mentioned for the sick guitar lines and the Latin spoken part in the middle. Desecrating and blasphemous.

This album isn’t technical, isn’t melodic but it’s just fast as hell, brutal as fuck and a truly heavy influence for the future generation of deathsters. Evil, rotten, blasphemous…a fist in the stomach and a lesson of history. Almost everything started here for the extreme metal movements.