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Sepultura with the real Max - 91%

PseudoGoatKill, March 1st, 2005

The first time I heard Sepultura was when I got "The Heart of Roadrunner Collection: We Make Metal Mallcore!"* And heard the blatantly horrible if not sadly catchy song "Roots".

Two years later I show up at my local music store and notice a Sepultura CD for a few bucks. Without bothering to look at it I grab it along with some other loot. Turns out I purchased a 3 song single "Dead Embryonic Cells." It's a good thing that this album sounds nothing like "Roots", or else I would have been very ticked off.

The three songs on here are examples of nearly perfected executions of death/thrash metal. As mentioned in my Death "Individual Thought Patterns" review Sepultura was one of the pioneers of death metal. This single is from the album "Arise" which was one of Sepultura's earlier albums, before they decided to ride the mallcore train to the land of cash grab.

All of the instruments on this album meld together in near perfect unison. The guitar playing is excellent considering that Max Calvara has mentioned in a certain magazine interview that he has no idea what the guitar strings are called, and enjoys writing songs around "the big string." For someone who's able to play the guitar he sure doesn't seem to know shit about it.

I do have a theory though; the Max Calvara that played in later Sepultura and Soulfly is not the real Max Calvara. It's actually a clone of the real Max Calvara who's taken a nice long vacation somewhere else.

Seriously, you cannot play the guitar as well as Max did on this single and then have no idea what certain parts of the guitar are called later on in life unless A) You're suffering from amnesia or B) you're actually a clone of the original person, or C) you're just completely stupid.

*sighs*. I digress though, the past is the past. This is a single in which Max Calvara could play his guitar quite well. The drums were performed with crystal clarity and precision, the bass was still being used a low end instrument and didn’t do anything fancy, and the vocals were guttural thrash style vocals.

If you like thrash and death metal then you’ll enjoy this single. Of course if you own the album “Arise” then buying this would be rather pointless and stupid, unless you’re one of those fans that has to collect everything by Sepultura. In that case I say knock yourself out.

This is early death metal melded with thrash at it’s finest. It gets a score of a 91 because I don’t see this album as the perfect death metal/thrash metal album.

Thrash/Death Sepultura was so much better than nu-metal Sepultura. RIP