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It's not complex, but it's fast - 85%

Titus_Endor, May 25th, 2006

Sepultura’s new album is definitely faster, thrashier and less bullshit than Nation, Although this is not an epic release or as heavy as Shovel Headed Kill Machine and Sodom and is really short, Dante XXI is still a sweet, fast album that is far superior than a lot of their recent work and other recent releases

The first intro track sets up for Dark Wood of Error, which I think is just a longer intro for the far better song Convicted in Life, the dominant drum introductions in both songs are cool and start the album off fast and heavy, the singing is pretty typical Sepultura and I fight it sounds a bit more like Cavalera than Green on Nation, with the exception that Green is now so much better than Cavalera ever was, and is. The vocals are far superior to those on Soulfly’s new album Dark Ages.

City of Dis is when the album slows down a little and the songs start taking on more complex, unique and interesting structure. This is still fast and thrashy, but it’s a whole lot more technical and experimental than the previous two tracks. I really like the sound of the bass drum on this track. False is another song with a slower intro, turning into good half-thrash, although it’s a little bit more of the same and therefore isn’t really memorable. Fighting On is a lot slower than the other tracks, and almost sounds heavier because of this, you really get to hear all the notes and the build-ups / changes.

Intro #2 and Ostia are two great tracks, the intro is spooky as hell and Ostia kicks in right after, although I believe the intro on the actual track could have been longer before Green started yelling. The middle instrumental section is by far the best part of this song, especially once Green ends it with his yell, that’s the type of thing you love playing for pussies who don’t appreciate metal, gets them every time and they whine.

Burried Worlds sounds like quite a bit like nu-metal, pretty weak track, but whatever, it’s not that bad. Following Burried Worlds is Nuclear Seven, I love the bass blast a la Corrupted, it’s the best song yet on the album apart from Ostia. Repeating the Horror is the track that strikes me the most as old school Sepultura on the album, a good fucking thrash song.

Another Intro and Crown and Miter, good songs, the intro really works for it. Simple, fast, no fucking about, this is where the album ends for me on most of my listens.

I don’t listen to the last two tracks much because when I’m listening to Dante XXI it means I’m not in the mood for something not too complicated, and that pretty much sums the album, simple, fast and thrashy. If you’re looking for something complicated to compete with Time Does Not Heal or even Shovel Headed Kill Machine, don’t look here, if you’re looking for an album that will assault you for 30 minutes, than this might just be for you.