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Over 3 hours of pure Art!! - 97%

keeperoflamu, January 8th, 2003

I love every Sepultura productions before "Roots", with that one the band has lost the direction they had given to the whole thrash metal genre, on the contrary, with "Roots", they have begun to be more ethnic and make more "open mind" music!
The main menu contains three submenus:
In the first we have the best live show they could give us, I' m referring to "Under Siege", live in Barcelona, a real piece af the "Arise" tour, supporting the best (for me) Sepultura album ever!!!
Totally impressive performance, with the most beautiful songs of the band, drawn from the first to the last work!!
The second is "Third World Chaos", that contains all the videos of the band, from "Innerself" (Beneath the Remains), to "Slave New World" (Chaos A.D.), and some live videos where the band has played some covers and "Kaiowas" with all the members beating the drums.
The third part is "We Are What We Are", the last VHS, containing the three videos drawn from "Roots".... obviously this "little" mole prevents me from giving a full 100/100 rating, I don' t like the album very much and hate particularly "Ratamahatta", that didn' t merit the carrying out of a video.... however, this is all the material with the "classic" line-up, and it would be a real crime to not have it completely!!!!!
The DVD is sown with various interviews (that you can skip, because each interview is a trace).
Buy this masterpiece, cost what it may!