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Arise!! - 100%

Riven, June 3rd, 2004

Sepultura are my favorite band of all time and Im fuckin happy to see that they're improving very fast with Derrick and I'm sure that they''ll be totally awesome on their upcoming cds (they kick Soulfly's ass anyway :)) This DVD simply kills.

The first part is a gig from Arise tour - their best, most perfect and beautiful record (one of the best metal records ever). First the setlist - its crazy!! All my favorite songs are there (except of Subtraction and Meaningless movements :(( ), including incredible Altered State. And the all-time classics like Arise, Inner Self, Troops of Doom, Beneath the remains...actually, there's no point in enlisting my favorite tracks here, because they all kick ass :D

The quality is outstanding. Frankly, it may seem that it was recorded yesterday! The sound is extremely sharp and heavy - and so are the visuals. What I like most about the visual part of the video is how Sepultura act on stage - its AWESOME!! When I see what Max does now with Assholefly - just standing in front of the mic and playing those powerchords... Its just incomparable! Headbanging, jumping, even destruction of the instruments - its all there. The band is having fun and you can see that they are very close to their audience. What is more - they play very accurate - even Max who now got numb as a guitarist, is playing his parts with great focus while
giving his best on stage at the same time! Everything is great - vocals, solos, drums, bass... Jawdropping video.

The second part contains some less known songs like Policia played live, all
the videos from Chaos A.D. and pretty cool interviews with the band. Being
a fanatic of Sepultura's music, I enjoyed this part especially, but it contains
some cool live footage for everyone.

"We are what we are" is a set of clips from Roots cd with some comments about them. Nothing really special, but the quality is very good as well and this videos are fun to watch.

All in all - the first part itself gives this rating, but the remaing two do not disapoint and just can't change the mark. If you're not a die-hard Sepultura fun, decrease this rating by, say, 5%. It's an awesome performance for every