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Where is the wrath? - 35%

natrix, March 17th, 2009

Or how about the riffs? Where are they?

After the really, really good Arise, Sepultura took a turn for the worse with this effort. Sure, there were already hints of experimentation on Arise, but there the experimental stuff really enhanced Sepultura´s lethal thrash formula. And from here on out, it would only get worse, with the groovy Roots, and the downright boring Against.

Basically, the album feels like a bunch of shit thrown at the wall, and seeing if any of it sticks. This isn´t nearly as bad as Against, which is chock full of filler and random shit, and there is a decent amount of consistency in the actual songs. Sadly, this involves rather boring riffs, and the songs themselves sound really rushed. Simpler is usually better, but on here, it really doesn´t work, especially when it is this hardcore focused stuff that really just kind of plods along. Yeah, you could say that there are some driving moments on here, like "Refuse/Resist" or "Propaganda," as well as "The Hunt," which they did not even write.

It all really just feels like they smoked a shit load of weed and got lazy. "We Who Are Not As Others?" Come on! At least put in some more lyrics! "Kaiowas" is just goofy as all hell, and might have made sense, had the album not contained so many damn songs. And the riffing...there is just no riffing going on, just silly hardcore chugging and chords. I just can´t even begin to place this alongside the first four albums.

The drumming here is very good and powerful, which works to the advantage of the album. In fact, the production is downright heavy. Sadly, the material is boring and disjointed at best. You can´t polish a turd, kids. And Andreas Kisser is really starting to slack in the lead guitar department on here...I´ve always likened him to Kirk Hammet, being that he´s technically very good, and does a few memorable leads, yet doesn´t fully push the envelope. On here, fuck, you don´t even get a memorable lead.

No wrath, no riffs, no Sepultura. I can see the mass appeal of this, the same as I see the appeal of Pantera´s Vulgar Display of Power (which is much better and more consistent), and sadly this is the real slip-up of Sepultura, before they took a massive fucking plummet over the next two albums, and never recovered. This was my first Sepultura album at the age of 13, and though it sounded really cool back then, I since found their past discography and grew out of this album at a rapid pace.