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This is a serious effort? - 21%

UltraBoris, May 29th, 2004

This must be a complete joke, right? After Arise, which had plenty of groove but also plenty of riffs, they put out... this?? This doesn't even function well as punk rock, it's that sloppy and that careless and that seemingly done without regard to making music.

What this can be described as best is a vocal track over random instrumentation, where the two are entirely disjoint and appear to have been recorded in separate studios. Instrumentally, the whole damn thing sounds like one really long intro to a thrash album, with the slow riffs that come in and any minute now - really, any time now, come on folks, you expect this to blast out into some screaming riffage.

The closest thing that this comes to screaming riffage is the intro to Slave New World, which is a bit above midpaced, and for the most part sounds like a punk rock song... not quite thrash enough to be thrash, but at least it doesn't sound like someone is trying to pass a bowel movement.

The rest of the album... yep, it's pure defecation. Including Max's constipated vocals being mixed far too loud in the mix... these aren't death growls; these are random barks. And they are about 9dB too loud for anyone's good. All you hear is this megalomaniac asshole talking with his funny accent, like a badly designed Hitler making a badly designed speech.




The whole FUCKING album sounds like that. Believe me, it's funny for the first ten seconds or so (Chaos AD, tanks on the streets!) but then you start wondering if the whole thing ever turns into anything musical, ever.

Aside from the brief moments here and there, the answer is, no it does not ever turn into anything musical. The only digressions from the random Machine Head sounding half-Pantera riffs (does that make them quarter-thrash??) are silly instrumentals like Kaiowas - that little acoustic guitar bit sounds more Fleetwood Mac than anything else, except Fleetwood Mac didn't sound like a 33rpm LP stuck on repeat, ever. And I can still hear you saying, you - and I can still hear you saying, you - and I can still hear you saying... OH AND TURN THOSE FUCKING DRUMS DOWN.

Oh yeah, the cover of The Hunt? Everyone calls this a highlight... the only thing that's any good about it is that the vocals are turned down a bit, and it's a bit more catchy than the rest; but not nearly enough to make it any memorable.

Complete shit here from the cunts of Brasil. Again, I don't think this is a serious record. Like Bathory's "Octagon", they probably thought that people would - given the quality of the first four albums - buy anything with a 'Sepultura' tag on it.

Well, don't buy this shit. It's completely without value. Good grief, it's worse than the first Machine Head album. There's pretty much nothing catchy here - not the opening riff to Refuse-Resist, not anywhere else. Okay maybe the first few seconds of Manifest (before they get into the random stupidity), and about half of Slave New World, but come on, even Regurgitated Cow Fetus could come up with a minute and a half of thrash among forty-eight minutes of pure shit.