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Priceless! - 95%

Prophecies_of_Chaos, February 16th, 2004

Chaos A.D. is totally different from the previous Sepultura releases. This isn't thrash like BTR/Arise or Schizophrenia, this album has more variety and has hardcore/groove/tribal influences.

The opening track Refuse/Resist shows what this album is about. tribal drumming and a very catchy riffs. Max vocals on this album are really amazing, his vocals are really agressive and powerfull. The next song is "Territory" which also starts with the tribal drumming, for a lot of Sepultura fans this is one of the best Sepultura songs. Slave new world and Amen are decent songs but nothing really interesting.
Kaiowas is an instrumental (tribal) song.

Propaganda is one my favourite Sepultura songs ever, this song also starts with an drum intro and then there is the catchy riff again. This song is so powerfull, (especially live) the drumming of Igor Cavalera keeps amazing me every time I listen to this song.

Biotech is godzilla is a real hardcore track, but still very enjoyable. Nomad is simply amazing, this song isn't fast but so brutal. Max vocals on this track are almost scary, so powerfull! This track shows that Sepultura really changed, no fast brutal thrash but still really agressive/heavy music. Another example of the change of Sepultura is Manifest, this track starts fast and thrashy and by the end of the track you are listening to some brutal hardcore breakdowns.

The rest of the songs are just decent, but not really interesting just like Amen and Slave new world.

Overall I still really love this album! Songs like Territory and Nomad make this release one of the best things Sepultura has ever done.

I really recommend this release to any metalhead who can appreciate more then one genre.
Stand out tracks : Refuse/Resist, Territory, Propaganda and NOMAD!