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Pretty much worthless - 21%

Mungo, May 29th, 2007

After putting out four albums which were the perfect blend of death and thrash metal with shitloads of riffs, Sepultura seemed to have run out of ideas. They couldn’t come up with any new thrash riffs that were actually good, and the aggression they previously held was slipping away. They wanted to continue however, and so they released the steaming dung heap that would be known as Chaos AD.

See, the boys in Sepultura, having previously written songs with at least six riffs a song played at breakneck speed, weren’t sure how to write another album considering their lack of solid riffs. So they picked some thrash riffs out at random, slowed them down and downtuned to make up for the lack of heaviness. This way they could have an excuse for playing slow to midpaced with a single riff per song, and to the people who said it wasn’t thrash, they could counter them by saying it had a ‘more crushing sound’. They weren’t really that angry as before, but they needed something to make it sound more metal, so they threw in some unintelligent lyrics focused around anti authority. Sure, they weren’t exactly geniuses at writing lyrics on the previous albums, but at least those ones suited the type of music they used to play. Max Cavalera’s voice was starting to go to shit but he couldn’t sing, so instead of doing death-ish screams/growls, he opted for an idiotic sounding shout which was supposed to sound extreme and pissed off, but ended up sounding more annoying than anything else.

That’s really what the album sounds like. When you combine all the aforementioned elements you get a pretty good image in your head of what the content involves. The whole thing drags along in the same pattern, not really changing or evolving or speeding up, just content to stay at the same pace, with the same sounding ‘riffs’, with the same drawn out shouts. As one could expect, this starts to get old quickly. While it isn’t too bad listening to a song every now and then, trying to listen to the whole album is a chore, I myself only having done it once. It just stays the same, not managing to keep the listeners attention for more than five minutes or so. And just when a good riff comes along and manages to make the listener sit up, it is slaughtered by some stupid noises (Manifest), annoying vocals (Biotech is Godzilla) or something else of equal worthlessness. The album is 50 minutes long, but feels as if it should be 20, and the individual songs are too long at only 3 or 4 minutes.

This album is just pointless and worthless. When you consider who released it and the quality of their previous albums it feels as if it is a different band behind it. This isn’t even recommended for people who are heavily into groove metal, and the few highlights (Refuse/Resist and Slave New World) are barely even worth downloading. This is a failure in every sense of the word, and a completely worthless album.