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“Hey, where did all the thrash go?” - 62%

Metdude, September 20th, 2006

This is not as bad as some people make it out to be but it’s not brilliant either. The guitar riffs are much more simplistic this time round and the album becomes pretty boring during the second half. Refuse/Resist is a good opener and is one of the band’s most popular songs. However, it’s quite obvious this is not thrash. There is a faster section before the solo that’s cool but it goes back to the groove riff for the rest of the song.

Territory has some very nice drumming at the start and the rest of the song is quite good. Slave New World is one of the better songs. It’s a got a faster pace to it and is a straightforward headbanger. Propaganda is closer we get to thrash and it’s an enjoyable listen. The last track of note is Biotech Is Godzilla which is the fastest song on here. However, it’s shorter than it could have been and it sounds more like hardcore punk than thrash.

The rest of the album is quite boring. This is where the tribal stuff really starts to rear its ugly head. It doesn’t quite reach the depths of the album following this but it’s already well on its way.

This is a disappointing effort. It’s a far cry from the thrashing goodness of Schizophrenia, Beneath The Remains and even Arise. Having said that, it’s still far better than any album they did after this.