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Innovation = Great!!!! - 98%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, August 23rd, 2007

Chaos A.D. is the fifth Sepultura’s full length and it can be considered very innovative looking back the other releases before it. I was 14 years old when I listened first to this one, I loved it and I still love it now. Comparing this album with the others, it is totally different. This album starts the Sepultura groove period that continued with the following, boring and too tribal influenced Roots.
The music here is heavily influenced by Discharge but it can be considered a big mix of hardcore, thrash, tribal music and death metal. Well, the true death metal has a bit (a lot) gone away but some influences can be found in some riffs spread in the album.

The tribal influences started with Arise album where were used only for the intros, but here we have the explosion of these ones, like in Kaiowas song, completely tribal. In this one there are no electric guitar sounds or raw vocals. Just bongos and acoustic guitars. The atmosphere on this song is strange, in some parts is ritualistic…like early brazilian music, made by the natives….in this case we can really see what would have been the group's style in the future.

The first three songs of the album, Refuse/Resist, Territory and Slave New World are the most famous. From the first two ones they took videos concerning the never ending wars in the Middle East. As you can see, also the lyrics have completely changed since their past albums. These lyrics are typical of the hardcore genre; so forget the inner struggles and violence that were a trademark of the group in the past. Biotech Is Godzilla is the fastest song of this album, but not so death metal…massive hardcore influences in the riffs, while Max Cavalera’s way of singing is less growly.

We Who Are Not As Others song is the slowest one, very dark, with strange voices and the refrain sung endlessly. Strange and obscure.
Distortions, noises, loud guitars whistles, obscurity and a lot of differences from the early Sepultura’s albums: this is Chaos A.D.
With this album, Sepultura proved to everybody they didn’t want to be stuck in a genre forever, trying to change and accept various influences also from their mother country. The problem is that after this one, the group wanted to go beyond with the next album, losing lots of old fans.

In my opinion this is the last great Sepultura’s album but I have to warn you, because you must forget about the true death metal, so well done by the group in the past. Innovative but extremely good!!