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Get your necro on - 77%

drummerboy, October 22nd, 2005

You know the band, so let's get straight to the songs. Please welcome, The Sepulturas!

The Curse - Spoken word intro with some bells chiming in the background. Add +1 to the necrosity and "showing its age" factors.

Bestial Devastation - Starts off with a frenetic thrash riff, then the chugging bit in the middle. It's simple, but well placed and quite bang-worthy as well. Then more frenetic thrashing. The constant drum rolls really accent the out of control nature of the song. Recommended as a means to whip dogs into a frothing killing frenzy. I like it!

Antichrist - Sloppy, fast, killer, it's the simplest song here. The eerie second verse riff sounds like something off "Seven Churches." The thrash break riff at 1:45 is what music critics would call "driving" or "stomping," it kicks your ass before you are torn to shreds by a hyper blast beat and left for dead for maggots to infest your head. Enjoyable stuff.

Necromancer - Holy shit. This opens with a massive crushing sludgy riff, perfectly complimented with a tom roll driven backbeat. Then it's into full on thrashing mode, with a great solo, the squeeling lead starting at 1:42 with the sparse riff underearth just plain kills everything. Then that lovely sludge riff comes back, and when the tom rolls come in at 2:24 with Max screaming "Necromancerrr! Dead's invokerrr!", look out your window. The sky has turned to red, it's raining toads, and armies of the undead are pouring out of fissures in the earth. Yes, this song owns THAT much.

Warriors of Death - The best riffage of the EP is found here, this song really stands out compared to the others on the basis of the riffs being more developed and mature sounding (structurally however, this is pretty much the same thing as the rest of the album). We've got three distinct slowed down parts here, interspersed with thrashing. The third one sounds absolutely positively fucking EVIL with a nice tapping solo overtop of some doomy riffs.

Conclusion: Raw, and necro as fuck. It's also pretty damn fun! Memorable thrash breaks and good riffing all around. You can buy it on CD with something called "Morbid Visions," which I gather is some sort of polka album.