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Okay call me crazy - 79%

UltraBoris, May 29th, 2004

but I like Anticop. I'm not sure why; maybe it's because the drums aren't quite so random-sounding as in Antichrist.

Yep, Antichrist is fucking necro as Hell, and is probably the most egregious example of sloppiness on this entire album... the insane, yet somewhat gratuitous, middle section that slows down a la Artillery or Overkill... then the really fucking fast necroblast section, which is pretty damn innovative for 1985, and of course the cheesy lyrics, both here and there. "Stick that gun up your ass" versus "slaughter the Christian's born". Neither can be mistaken for "Do Dark Horses Dream of Nightmares"... so we're gonna call it a draw.

How's the rest of the album? Because Antichrist is still a pretty cool song... the production is actually better than Morbid Visions (the Sepultura full-length that would follow this EP)... the intro is cheesy as fuck, and borderline hilarous... Satanas is invocative to destroy!!

Then we get the riffage. Oh fuck yes, Bestial Devastation is a great song. Check out that headbangage riff in the middle... Sepultura would turn this into an art form later, with songs like From the Past Comes the Storms and Slaves of Pain, and here it first rears its ugly head. Necromancer (dirty fucker!) is more of the same, as is Warriors of Death. Pretty much all the songs here follow the same formula. Fast section. Slow section. Fast section. Antichrist is the most overt about it, though Warriors of Death is the slowest of the slow, and even throws in a (what's this!) melodic solo... sometimes the drums are more noisemaker than beatkeeper (see aforementioned Antichrist, or the random fills that come in in, for example, Bestial Devastation). But the guitar tone is nice and evil, and the riffage is pretty tight, and for 1985, this is pretty fucking revolutionary.

Recommended? Certainly. It's available as a really common re-release with Morbid Visions, a demo track, and of course "fuck the police", which makes no sense whatsoever in the context of the rest of the works, but hey, it's still a fun song.