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Blasting metal... - 84%

Snxke, June 16th, 2004

Sepultura joined in on this split was the vastly unknown "other" band and put together a brutal display of violence that put them on the map of what was considered "extreme metal" at the time. The swirling guitars, howling barks that pass for vocals and the heavy-handed drumming all spin together to create a massive vortex of violence previously unseen by any band from their geographic area.

For me, this is some of the bands best material, they hammered in a black metal styled bashing in the vein of early Sodom and Slayer with only half the production and melody. Even so, it works well to bring forth the entire concept of chaos that was to be Sepultura.

It's too bad that within the next ten years the band would be an entirely different animal that would nearly forget the work that was created on the early releases.