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Wow, this is Evil - 78%

Metalli_Priest, March 8th, 2004

This EP is a fine display of blackened death, that for 1985 is pretty well ahead of it’s time, and just goes to show what a comprehensive career sepulture has had. Yes, these are indeed humble beginnings. It is full of things Necr0 and Grim, and as said in my previous sentence, in it’s day material like this would have been uncommon, if not, original for.

Comparisons will have to be made to a band by the name of Hellhammer. Primitive, raw black metal, crossed with a little death, composed before either genre was really anything substantial. Riff work that is generally sloppy in the Venom/Hellhammer vein, a total buzzsaw guitar tone, lyrics that would put Venom to shame, and a generally evil ambience that bands such as Mayhem and Darkthrone aimed to and did achieve.

In addition to this, all extreme metal at the time inevitably showed signs of thrash, as this would be the building block for both death and black metals, so too does this album.

So this album is of significant historical importance in the progression of black, death and thrash. I have the re-issued version that was released with the Morbid Visions LP, it’s fairly awesome.