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Want Some Necro Stuff For Breakfast? - 92%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, March 27th, 2008

What an EP! When I listened to it few years ago I was amazed, astonished and completely shocked. I bought it in Ireland with Morbid Visions together and if the full length already destroyed my ears, I had to face these five tracks five of pure necro death/thrash. In 1985 no one and I mean NO ONE could match such violence and putridity in the sound. Neither Kreator, nor Sodom or Hellhammer and Possessed. This is pure decomposition.

The Death’s debut was quite far and Chuck picked up something from these songs, for sure. It has been said by Max that once they walked into the studio they were more or less 16 years old and in Brazil there were no good studios to record a metal album, and for sure no good ones to record death metal! Igor’s drum kit was very essential and the amplifiers were too small but the sound they created is still a cult and, for sincerity and purity, it goes beyond any well produced album at the time in this genre (were there any??).

“The Curse” intro was made by a friend who was in the studio while they were recording and this is something hilarious in its obscurity and blasphemy. “Bestial Devastation” shows simple riffage with a strange, dark distortion and various stop and go. The mid-paced parts are made by single notes and so, very simple and doom. The up tempo parts are more speed/thrash oriented but nasty and truly evil. Max's vocals are not completely thrash but more focused on death metal tonalities with a raw-Cronos touch.

The drums sound is very raw, especially the bass drum. With “Antichrist” I can easily scream for the pure pleasure. This is total rawness with no compromise semi blast beats! Unbelievable. The refrain has been made to be shouted to death. The vocals have something black metal too inside and the atmosphere is even more necro than in the previous songs, like also in the superb, simple but awesome “Necromancer”! The solos are a total mess…in a mixture of shreds, whistles with hyper under produced sound…simply great!

The beginning of “Evil Warriors”, with the rolls on the drums and the up tempo, already shows the stand out member in the line up: Igor. He would become really great in the future and for his age he’s quite good here too. The song is more canonical thrash with the unfailing, rotten down tempo and even a better solo made of tapping parts! To finish, check out the great “Anticop” as bonus track. They changed the “Antichrist” lyrics to put some insults to the cops and the outcome is simply amazing: the drums are hyper triggered and the guitars are far more audible.

Overall, this is a piece of primordial death metal history and a must for any old school metalhead. I like necro stuff!!