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An onslaught of riffs - 97%

worcmai, April 1st, 2006

Indeed, this is Sepulturas best album hands down. The riff assault of beneath the remains is absolutely crushing. This album is the best thrash fest anyone has attempted, with the most quality riffs being written and thrown down your neck like a cracked out whore being forced to inhale bleach till her death. This album as a whole is a complete riff monster with the speed and technicality that is unmatched by bands that even used “tweak” to aid their writing process and you know who I’m talking about :). And that drumming.. oh my.. Igor’s style, speed, brutality and fierceness really are an act of blitzkrieg pummeling all standing in the way. The bass definitely has its role in this album, bringing a slight side of punkishness along with the fueling of the freight train to its final destination = destruction of your mind. Max’s growls are at their peak of his career with lyrical themes that are generally pretty average. Then again, who needs lyrics of vast importance when all your head hears is the whiplash of your neck as your skull takes out a wall. I could go on about how wet my panties are, but onto the songs.

Nothing is to be thrown away here. From the opener to the end you get a sheer quality amount of riffs that will keep your head banging for a timelessness eon. The opening riff to the title track definitely lets you know this album is out to annihilate you and your babies alike. So many riffs are thrown into the mix it’s absolutely mind boggling how they could fit all of this onto a single album. The solos are a speedy electrocution of all nerve endings amongst your soul; they remain at a furious rate along side of the riffs assuring the consistency of the pace of chaos. The guitar work is all around very nice and full of relevancy; this is DEFINITELY Andreas’s highlight of his career.

The second song really shows Igor’s skills and really shows he deserved his old nickname “Skullcrusher”. The change ups in this song reign abundant with solos of beautiful fast composure showing off the song writing talent of these Brazilian maniacs. A good example of this is in Mass Hypnosis at the 2:43 break you come to the realization you’re nothing but a peon in the midst of the metal gods forcing you to raise your horns to the sky before quickly returning to the overdosed status of rushing adrenaline. Slaves of Pains intro fastens your seatbelt to commence on this rollercoaster that would be one the best thrash songs ever written. The dual riffs of this song make for a lethal combo of “pain” and yes all of you are the slave to it.

Definitely can’t go wrong with the intro to Lobotomy with Igor almost taking over spotlight of riffs overwhelming your eardrums. Ending the album is Primitive Future which gallops along like a headless horseman caused by a riff induced decapitation. This song is one last attempt to paralyze you and succeeds amazingly. It’s very odd that this is the last song with a name that quite possibly is a prediction of what thrash would become after this; even for the authors themselves.

Overall this album provides the heaviest, highest quantity of riffs and greatest technicality to the thrash scene. With a definite unique Brazilian aura and production quality that leaves nothing to be hindered; you can’t go wrong with this album. This is probably my most played thrash album that is nearly impossible to get tired of listening to.