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Not my favorite, but not too shabby! - 83%

sonofabitch, May 27th, 2005

This album is pretty action packed: filled with speed and aggression. There’s definitely both hits and misses on this album. Before I begin, I would say that I would rate this album lower than I did personally, because I’m not all that big of a fan of the vocals, it’s too choppy, and Cavelera really doesn’t get creative behind a mic, but I know that most people like his vocals, so I’m rating this how I think I would, should I like Cavalera’s vocal capabilities.

Short version:
Fast, a lot of time changes, a lot of tempo changes, some creativity, and some repetitiveness displayed. Pretty good thrash though. Drums are so-so, the guitarist I think had a lot to contribute to the album. Seems to have a lot of ideas and creativity to make songs interesting. The bassist, as far as I could hear, really didn’t do anything special, but that’s okay, it doesn’t subtract much from the quality of the album. All in all, this album's definitely a keeper.

Long song-by-song version:
Beneath the Remains, the first song, is so-so, there’s just this part that occurs a couple times where he grunts and it echoes, and it really sounds like shit. It really distracted me from the beauty of the rest of the song. It was definitely a well-written song, I give them that. Everything’s right on the dot, nobody misses a beat, and that’s something to aspire to in thrash, to be crazy, but tight, not sloppy.

I really liked the intro to the second song, with the guitar starting out, then double bass kicking in rhythm. Not super fast or amazing by any means, but it sounds pretty damn good. It’s not nearly as balls-out as the first song, they certainly toned down the speed and thrash. Towards the end it picks up a bit, though.

The fourth song, Mass Hypnosis, has an intro that really reminds me of Metallica, that is before it kicks in with some pretty fast double bass. (The double bass was just a tad bit sloppy), but it still sounded good. This song isn’t bad at all. Paying attention to it, they make good use of song structure and time changes. They got really creative with the song and made something that really works. A whole spectrum of speed and style is displayed in this song. Parts are fast, some slow, some aggressive, some melodic. I really enjoyed listening to this one.

Sarcastic Existence is really pretty generic, until about halfway through, then the double bass is let loose. The time changes and musical style thereafter definitely make the song worth mention.

Slaves of Pain has an AWESOME guitar riff for an intro. A great lead into a mid-tempo groove before they kick into high gear. The drummer didn’t fare too well about forty seconds into the song. Sounds like he wasn’t sure what he was going to do, but he wanted to pull off something cool and had a sight mess up in a fill. The song really is pretty cool. The guitarist does some showing off, which is great. I feel that the song does get a bit repetitive. Still can’t say much about the vocals, still doin the same old shit.

Lobotomy has kind of a cool intro. Starts with a 5/4 beat with guitars accompanying the drums, before it goes to 4/4 time. I’m probably going to interpret this wrong, what with my limited knowledge of music theory, but it sounds like it alternates from an 11/12 to a 6/6 a few times to end the intro. Whatever it is, it sounds well written and is definitely creative. This song really is a change from the others. All of the others, although different, almost sound generic, respective to sepulture, not thrash in general. This isn’t necessarily a good thing. Take for example about 3 minutes into the song, the drummer does a 2/4 beat with the guitar just strumming with every on/off beat. Not impressive at all.

Hungry had some good parts. Nothing really reached out and grabbed my attention, that was a bummer.

And finally, Primitive Future. GREAT INTRO! Fast and furious. No doubtedly compelled thousands to beat the fuck out of each other in the mosh pits. The whole song really is really pretty fast. The guitar does some heavy riffing in this song, the drummer goes nuts with the bassist following right behind. As nerdy as this sounds, this song brought a smile to my face. It was just a perfect closing for the album, the final farewell, heavy as fuck.

Well that’s it, I hope you enjoyed reading my review, regardless of what you think of the album. It was a pleasure to write this for all you fellow metal-heads \m/