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A very under-rated thrash landmark. - 98%

obscuredbythesun, August 7th, 2004

Beneath the Remains is a very under-rated album by a very under-rated band. Sepultura is a Brazilian thrash band in the vein of Slayer and Testament(Both bands I whom I highly recommend.).Alot of people see Sepultura as a band with very little talent, that doesn't compare to bands like Slayer and Metallica, but I beg to differ. And that's what makes the U.S. great, freedom of speech. Anyway I think that as musicians they lack musicianship compared to bands like Slayer and Morbid Angel. That's just not where Sepultura's abilities lie. Sepultura's talents are their abilities as composers. Take for example Andreas Kisser, his guitar solos always seem to fit almost perfectly in every song. They are melodic, written in classical scales, and fast just like the rest of Sepultura's music. Andreas's riffs are real head movers to. They are just so catchy yet brutal, they are Slayerish but more sludgy/groovy. If these riffs don't get your head banging you must be paralyzed. The most moshable tracks are probably "Inner Self", and "Primitive Future" witch is probably the most energetic song on the album.

Next we have Igor Cavalera who just pulverizes his drum kit. He pounds those things with all his might, and creates thunderous sounds that Zeus would be jealous of. He is also pretty tight. Most drummers don't catch my attention because I usually focus on the guitars. But Igor is just so loud, and and his technique is so catchy my attention is just swayed over to him alot of the time. If I was a drummer this is what I would sound like.

There's really not much to the lyrics they are the same old tongue in cheek anti-war lyrics you get from many a metal band. But Max Cavalera(Brother of Igor.) the vocalist/rythm guitarist has a very strong, and masculine voice, and you know he means buisness.

This album is near perfect it's heavy as all hell(This must sink in.), there is no filler, and almost no throw away riffs/lyrics. Despite all that, it lacks originality so I can't give it a 100% rating. But I can say this, if you're a fan of brutal thrash at all, you must give this a trial listen.

Highlight tracks include: "Beneath the Remains ", "Inner Self", "Lobotomy", and "Primitive Future".