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cyclone, April 30th, 2005

What the fuck was I doing these past years? Something surely went wrong, since I somehow missed the brilliance of Sepultura and have only discovered it lately. Beneath The Remains is one of those albums that you buy/download/whatever and then it doesn't leave your CD player for days or even weeks. I usually don't practice that, but it seems I can't get tired of this one.

After the great Schizophrenia, I was a bit sceptic about it's successor. I was thinking: ''Ah fuck, it can't get better than Schizo. I will just have to settle with something worse...''. But NO, Sepultura actually released a record which was equally good to Schizophrenia, if not even better. And not only that the quality was still here, the basic ideas were actually really close to the ones one it's predecessor, they were just upgraded to a higher level.

The riff ideas actually stayed the same, they just got a bit more developed. There are still a lot of mosh riffs and one not riffs, along with tons of triplets and other stuff like that. I wouldn't really say that there are more riffs here than on Schizophrenia, but something is certain: only the best ones were picked out for the songs, since there aren't any bad riffs on this record. Kisser's leads and solos are still frenetic and just a bit chaotic, staying mostly at simple scales. BUT, simple as they are, his solos are absolutely amazing. Once again, I was totally blown away by one of his solos. As it's the case in To The Wall from Schizo, Andreas' solo on Mass Hypnosis is easily one of the 10 best solos in metal ever played.

The vocals are still raspy, a little bit growly and aggressive, if maybe a bit more controlled than on previous records. Bass really isn't that audible but one really doesn't miss it with so much other stuff going on at the same time. Drums are quite diverse and there's not much more endles THUNK THUNK THUNKING to be heard. The lyrics have changed from still a bit adolescent ''evil'' lyrics on first two full lenghts, to fairly good texts mostly about politics and society.

The highlights: all of them, but if I would have to pick I would say: Inner Self, Mass Hypnosis (check out that riff and the solo - probably the best Sepultura song ever) and Slaves Of Pain, for it's great pre-chorus and actually for the whole song.

You should realy get th... Shit, I promised I would change my closing sentenses :/ Hum, what to say. Oh, yes, the skull on the cover advises you to get this or you will forevermore have to listen to Soulfly albums.