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who, who, who... has BEEN FUCKED BY RIFFS - 95%

UltraBoris, October 12th, 2005

Beneath the MOTHERFUCKING Remains... the highlight of Sepultura's career, and - with the possible exception of a Torture Squad LP - the best thing Brasil has ever put out.

this is a riff-derived album... I say that to mean that this is not a song-based album, where you remember each individual song distinctly - nor is it a concept album where there are a few themes that come up, and those end up being the most memorable. This runs together, unashamedly so... you will remember lots of riffs, each of them pretty fucking distinct... at the very beginning a few assorted noises, and then you are grabbed by the penile vagina, or whatever other genitalia you may choose to have this particular day, thrown into a blender the size of Olympus Mons, and mercilessly beaten about the head and neck for 38 minutes.

But hey, if you want me to name highlights, I would go with the title track, and Slaves of Pain... but also Inner Self, and what a fuckbeast way of ending things with Primitive Future... or maybe Hungry (for pleasure... you act like a robot). Yeah the lyrics aren't really amazing, but I mean they're grunted out as a rhythm instrument to provide a perfect counterpoint to the riffs... check out that staccato in "blame and lies... contradictions arise", and then riff, riff, riff, riff, riff. Hell, even when Max is unintentionally hilarious (mass hippie-nosis!) he's pretty damn good. Such a contrast with when he would blow cocks later (Chaos AD... suck on the street!)

This is pretty much Schizophrenia Part II, except this time with better production... this album literally never slows down, it just thrashes fuck from chimpan A to chimpan Z. I've listened to this album about 8 and a half trillion times, and sometimes I still can't individually discern the songs, but play me ten seconds of this album and I will recognise it correctly: "oh, this is Sepultura's finest moment, am I right?"

Yeah, they really got this one right... there is not a single moment on this album when you are not getting skullfucked with a spike, and that's how brutal thrash is supposed to operate. Fuck, I mean they even threw in the Under the Blade riff (2:11, title track) - I mean any LP that rips off that riff (see also: Feel the Fire and Breaking the Silence) can't be bad, right? No, of course not. This isn't bad. This is electric fuck - the pinnacle of a band's creative accomplishment, before they sorta slipped (Arise) and then utterly fell off a fucking cliff (everything after that).

In short... the universe is a midget, and this album rapes it so hard that Stephen Hawking learns how to walk again. And that's all I have to say about that.