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Sepultura - Beneath the Remains - 100%

Orbitball, July 29th, 2013

Absolute amazing thrash metal release here from Brazilian natives. The band capitalized on originality in songwriting, creativity, aggression, intensity and destruction of the senses. Out of their entire discography, none of their albums dominated as much as this one has. The production did them a great justice with everything properly mixed in the recording. Nothing was left out here and the guitar riffs simply dominated. Lyrical concepts were also a milestone here, reflecting the bands' struggle in to fit into society. They really belted out sheer intensity and aggression here, no words could describe such amazing work as this one.

The entire album is noteworthy, Max leading the way and Andreas simply dominating in the lead department. What's most reflective here is the band's simple desire to create such unimaginably creative riff structures. Tremolo picking galore alongside chunky and thick bar chord mania. The leads really augmented the rhythms, they were crazy fast and technical plus they did not drown out the rhythms. Max's vocal outputs were really aggressive and featured some backups from the band during some chorus parts. YouTube "Inner Self" and "Mass Hypnosis", they are I think the most noteworthy gems on this release.

I like it how they progressed from Morbid Visions (their debut), Schizophrenia (predecessor) and with this one I think is their strongest release entirely. Amazing how they got all of this work recorded in merely a couple of days time! Like I said, everything fit together in unison and Beneath the Remains is an example of how bands should be original in their outputs and the importance of having a good production to augment the talent in the songwriting. Every single song dominates and is original sounding, nothing here was left out and as a 4-piece band I think they were their strongest in my estimation.

Even bass bits were amazing, Paulo showing his talents in this department featuring a notable tapping outro riff and Igor definitely up to par on his drum bits. Sad about Sepultura's demise, here they worked so hard to get everything perfect and the band I no longer am interested in since Max is no longer with them. Sure they made some great efforts following this release including Arise and Chaos AD, but Beneath the Remains I think is their strongest ever because of their intensity and simple originality in songwriting style. The band as a whole did their absolute best work here, and that can't be stressed enough.

I loved the clean intro to this album and everything after. Every single song shows utmost talent and superiority with the band, simply unbelievable. A true masterpiece on every front. The guitars (including the bass), the drums and production quality. Max's vocals fit the music totally and his aggression alongside the guitar riffs turned out amazingly. Some vocal effects, but they didn't overuse technology as some bands have over the years. Thrash metal here as strong and amazing, get the remastered version, it does the album justice. Old Sepultura is dead, long live old Sepultura! Own this now!