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Stronger Than All - 86%

Human666, June 28th, 2007

Pretty brutal thrash to be found here, not brutal as the teutonic bands, but still quite brutal. Aside the first 50 seconds of this album,there is a never ending riff assault which will make you bang like a real bastard, but if you'll sit back and read the lyrics, you'll discover a different aspect of this album.

The main themes on 'Beneath The Remains' are about war, hate,and political issues. The lyrics fits pretty well the riffing and when you concentrate on them you'll see that 'Sepultura' have some more talent with lyrics than most of the "death, satan, hell" bands. The vocals are also pretty good. They are quite agressive but still remains clean, not melodic but has some great heat within.

The opening track has a bit negligible intro for me. It sounds a lot like 'Call Of Cthulhu' ('Metallica'), pretty calm and clean pluckings with some echos surrounds it. Then it just explsodes into heavy and yet catchy riffing which could be a great straightforward intro for this album, instead a dull and long quiet passage which doesn't really gets to anywhere. 'Inner Self' has a nice main riff and pretty good drums fills, the lead guitar also sounds well and the chorus is a bit faster and excellent for moshing. The C-Part is pretty intense and combines a distorted and clean guitars flawlessly. Pretty sweeping track, also my favorite of this album.

I must mention that this album is produced pretty well. The guitar has a solid feeling and it sounds pretty clear and heavy, the drums are also very dominant and the bass is pretty noticeable. All the instruments together sounds amazing and powerful and gives within the songs a pretty heavy vibe.

Each song has a great riffs and it's own mettle which makes it sound unique in this album. The riffing isn't very technical, it's pretty simple but remains heavy and agressive for the whole album, and has some catchy moments here and there. No bad moments at all, there are good tracks and even better tracks.

In conclusion: this is one of the highlights from Sepultura's discography. Very enjoyable album, flows great and doesn't becomes boring at any point. Pretty essential for thrashers and closes the 80's thrash scene greatly. Get it if you look for a powerful thrash piece.

Highlights: 'Inner Self', 'Stronger Than Hate', 'Mass Hypnosis', 'Slave of Pain' and 'Primitive Future'.