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Glorious Album - 100%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, March 16th, 2008

With the great Schizophrenia, Sepultura really learnt how to play their instruments in a good way and they started a new period, less death metal but more thrash/death. This period has a peak, and it’s also the peak of their career in my opinion…of course we are talking about the fucking great Beneath The Remains. The brutality of this group is mixed perfectly with a good technique and an excellent songwriting. The sound by the instruments is sharper, thrasher and less Venom worshipper, showing a personality that has always been a bit hidden in their previous albums.

This time the production is far better than the previous albums, but very old fashioned, especially for the drums. Everything sounds so raw but clean and powerful without the pounding production of the following Arise album. Beneath The Remains contains some of the best songs ever recorded by those guys and it’s a classic in its genre.

Starting from the title track, after a small acoustic guitar intro, all that we have is a bunch of riffs, the sick Max's vocals and the restless Igor’s drumming. The following “Inner Self” is a great mid-paced song, that contrary to those in Arise, doesn’t show signs of modernism or something like this. This is pure thrash/death orgy with hundreds of palm muting riffs, stop and go and speed restarts.

Kisser is growing album after album in its way of playing the lead guitars and every song has some of the best solos ever by this group. For example check the magnificent, superb one in the awesome “Mass Hypnosis”: pure hellish madness. It's so sick and obscure. “Stronger Than Hate” is total death in the guitars with great obscure lead lines and the great work by Igor, especially at the double kicks.

The drums intro to “Sarcastic Existence” shows no mercy and begins a long series of great fucking songs…each and every one contains catchy riffs and some obscure lead sounds to create a truly hellish atmosphere. Max continues in vomiting all his hate towards the world while the tempo is getting faster and faster.

“Slaves Of Pain” is great with the refrain “…Life Ends…Feeling Death! Slaves Of Pain!” and the great thrash rhythmic guitar riffage. “Lobotomy” is lethal with the drums intro: Igor is faster than ever. The two final songs “Hungry” and “Slaves Of Pain” don’t slow down at all, continuing the up tempo parts ‘till reaching the end by an echoing stomp on the last drum beat. All that remains is satisfaction for such a brutal effort.

These ones are some of the best compositions ever by the Brazilian group and this masterpiece enters, rightly, in the Hall Of Fame of this genre.