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An amazing piece of thrash from Brazil - 95%

panteramdeth, February 29th, 2004

What a tremendous piece of thrash work! This is an excellent album in the vein of Reign In Blood Slayer, as Max Cavalera (vocals, guitar) and Andreas Kisser (guitar) shred in the same vein as Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman. Max Cavalera almost never sings, but his shouty vocals give the album an agressive feel. And fast and heavy is the norm for the drums. Expect mosh pit and headbanging joy with this one, kiddies, because this album rips.

The title track opens with eerie sounds like what you would here if you played Doom or Half-Life most of your life, before working into very fast guitar and drumming. Musically, it sounds a little like "Angel of Death". "Dead Embryonic Cells" covers the topic of stem cell research, long before it would go on to become a hotly debated topic in the news in the late-90's. Musically, there are tempo shifs in this song - especially toward the the middle of the song before the last verse. The chug riff in the middle of "Cells" is a true headmover. "Desperate Cry", "Murder", and "Subtraction" feature brilliant guitar solos to go with Slayer and Master Of Puppets-style riffing, with fast double-bass drumming accompanying it. "Altered State" and "Under Siege (Regnum Irae)" feature a very dark sound, especially with the guitar playing. "Meaningless Movements" and "Infected Voice" are excellent pit fare, with even more fast riffing and drumming. Also included on the digipak is Sepultura's cover of Motorhead's "Orgasmatron", where Max Cavalera and company do Lemmy's band proud, especially with the vocals. And man, the groove on that song! The digipak also features "Intro", which was used at the beginning of all of Sepultura's concerts back in the day, "C.I.U. (Criminals in Uniform)", and a remixed version of "Desperate Cry".

This is the first album you should consider starting your Sepultura collection. A brutal masterpiece!