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Their last godly album - 95%

morbert, May 29th, 2007

I'm not going to bore you with a long review. Every thrash-minded metalhead should simply own this album. Obviously it was an almost impossible task to come up with a worthy follow-up to their opus magnus 'Beneath the Remains' that had put them at the top of the thrash metal genre. But they certainly came close to providing something equally superb.

Two major changes can be found on 'Arise' compared to its predecessor. First thing is the production. Whereas 'Beneath...' was mostly brutal, this time there was more transparency in the overall sound and especially the drums had a cleaner sound. I'm not going to say which sound is better, 'cause i.m.o. both Beneath and Arise both sound exactly they way they should for some reason. Secondly the average pace was slightly lower and the use of clean guitars increased.

Were it not for some fillers, the album would surely have become an even bigger thrash metal classic. The titletrack and 'Infected Voice' are two typical speedy Sepultura thrashers with some excellent yet simple and catchy riffs that continue where 'Beneath...' had left off. It were the songs 'Desperate Cry', 'Altered State' and 'Under Siege' that were a large step forward, incorporating more breaks, clean parts and a very dynamic extended structure. The intro to 'Altered State' was an omen of things to come on later albums.

Another great highlight on the album is the single 'Dead Embryonic Cells' which combined their well-known uptempo brutallity with some marvellous midtempo ranged pounding catchy thrash.

Unfortunately 'Meaningless Movements', 'Subtraction'and 'Murder' were not equal to the rest of the material. They weren't bad songs. Not at all! They were actually pretty great. If they'd been on Chaos A.D. for that matter, they would have been highlights on that specific album. It's just that on 'Arise' the other songs were just...better.

Not only did Max and Andreas excell on this album, so did Igor. He not only had the technique but also developed his own specific style. Paulo by the way has never played an important part to the sound. 'Arise' proved to be the last classic thrashing Sepultura album and I for one still cherish it.