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Waving goodbye... - 75%

Wooh, March 18th, 2007

Probably the album that got me into metal for real. At first I hailed this as a masterpiece but, fuck, I didn't know the truth so I was satisfied by all that this LP gave me. I was satisfied with something like: WOW three super kick-ass fuckin songs, another two very good, one quite good, and three pieces of shit. Then I finally listened to their previous LP, Beneath the Remains and I finally understood...

This is not a bad album, don't misunderstand me, it is quite good, but only because it's standout tracks really kick ass. The mediocre tracks are so fuckin boring. I tell you now, if this albums falls into your hands, just think that songs Altered State and Under Siege (and maybe Meaningless Movements) don't exist. Then you have a great 25min-or-so album. If you get the remaster you are more lucky because there is one other track C.I.U. (Criminals in Uniform) which is equally good with the good ones.

Now, to the point. This album begins with the kinda catchy "Arise". Yeah, it is catchy but is fucking great. Thankfully it doesn't follow verse-chorus patterns but only the thing that it is something like 3:18 means it's kind of a short song for Sepultura (for Schizophrenia, Beneath the Remains era). Anyway, all this shit doesn't matter as the song is very good, a videoclip was also made for this one. Then we have "Dead Embryonic Cells" which has it's fast moments along with mid-paced stuff, generally not as brutal as the first song but a great one too, i think a videoclip was made for this one too. Now, "Desperate Cry" for me is the highlight. This is a fuckin trademark for Sepultura, the song starts in a slow manner then we got the mid-paced verse and chorus stuff and then the fast stuff fuckin kick in, fucking awesome, everytime I fuckin hear this I can feel this primitive and raw feeling, I mean they fuckin prepare you for the first two minutes and then you rip your own head off. The song then goes mid-pace again and has a melodic solo. Excellent song, probably my personal favorite of the album. Then we got "Murder" a song that thrashes quite good. I don't really see something in the first half, but the second half of the song really KICKS ASS. "Subtraction" is a very good thrasher. Now, welcome to the shit. Altered State is some kind of slowed down "do-you-remember-when-we-played-thrash" stuff which I don't really understand, seems like riffs and ideas they had (or probably even played in the past) just played in slow tempo. Yeah, this is a fuckin foreteller of the shit that's about to come in the next year. They even played this shit live I mean they were satisfied by this kind of work. Why the fuck were they satisfied? Don't ask me, cause I'm gonna tell you that even ONE riff from Schizophrienia or Beneath the Remains is better than this whole song. Same goes for "Under Siege" I don't know what of these two pussies is better, probably the second pussy. "Meaningless Movements" is something like the title of the song, I mean this thrashes good at some times but it seems to me like it is something that was forced out of them, It didn't come out natural, seems like they said, okay this is supposed to be a thrash record so let's just not put more pussy-crap inside, and they all agreed but not because they really wanted to compose thrash, they agreed with sad look on their faces... Don't worry boys, you're gonna have infinite time to suck dick after this LP. The final track is "Infected Voice" which really brings us back to thrash. All is great and it's boiling heat and some riffs might remind me even of Beneath the Remains. Anyway, excellent song, only thing that's fucked up is the solo, I really don't like this solo it is kind of anti-metal it reminds me of the shit they'd play later in their "career" I don't know, they probably got tired of the metal solos they played some years ago.

My personal opinion about the production is that it is worse than Beneath the Remains. I mean there's a heavy guitar sound which is not needed in THRASH but probably in this "stuff" they wanted to start playing in this album. The thrashing songs in this album seem kind of strange, at moments, with this sound. The others however seem totally cool, yeah, when you start running out of riffs, you do shit like that to fill the gaps of your music. Nevertheless, it seems that this production was unavoidable since they decided to put some tracks like Altered State and Under Siege inside.

Lyrics are kinda in the mood of Beneath the Remains but looking much more tired. First of all some songs got pretty much shitty lyrics like "Arise", they seem like fuckin cheesy to me sometimes, looking back in Beneath the Remains and seeing that there was no such crap. Anyway, generally, and ideologically probably, they are in the patterns of Beneath the Remains.

Overally, a good album with three shitty songs. My recommendation is VERY simple. If you know about thrash etc go buy Beneath the Remains. If you are a beginner and you want to know about thrash this is a good album for you. If you have Beneath the Remains and Schizophrenia etc and you WORSHIP that albums, it is kind of dangerous, but I think you'll like it. Signs of the decline DO SHOW here but they are not so much to fuck this record up. It is ready to suck dick but it doesn't, not like their next LP Chaos A.D.. However, don't expect to find another "From the Past Comes the Storms" here...

Listen to: "Arise", "Dead Embryonic Cells", "Desperate Cry"
Don't listen to: "Altered State", "Under Siege", "Meaningless Movements"