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Death metal? - 72%

Jack_Phoenix_Manhwa, September 4th, 2004

Arise is usually seen as "the" thrash album of Sepultura, but this affirmation is countered by facts; all the elements make hard to distinguish Arise from a death metal album, that make this product far from ages by the magnificience of thrash as Slayer's "Seasons in The Abyss" in terms of solos and technical application, to a more brutal and constant sound that better recalls the atmospheres of death metal rather than the refined and razor-shaped sound of thrashing contemporaries like Slayer.

This obsessive role is played most by drums, that are continously forced into a combinations of 16th or 32th notes that may be sintetized by a too-pah-too-pah-too-pah-too-pah-dish, repeated to nausea at 170-180 bps and somewhere delayed by an occasional roll. For my pleasure, I'm habit to Lombardo's skyrocketing accompainment, so I have a weird sensation listening all the songs starting with the combination intro riff/little roll/too-pah-too-pah... and this for ALL the entire play.
I don't find this negative, I love this kind of stuff and I would listen the same drumline for hours, and I actually do it. But when the too-pah-too-pah comes to annoy me, it means it's enough to wear off all the kids that aren't so heavy-minded like me.

The guitars are pretty cool, and they're the way to distinguish one song from another, though they don't have great exploits in solos, due probably to the economy of songs than the technical limit of Andreas. The singing is in the usual Cavalera-style, that isn't bad if you want growls all along the way.

Somehow, despite the review I'm doing - you bet it isn't positive, dude? - I have to say I like this album. The right atmosphere to make the people realize they're truly in front of Apocalypse, and it's time to headbang, because we're doomed.

(I hope that era of destruction never comes...)