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Awesome. - 99%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, February 28th, 2008

This is the last death/thrash metal album by Sepultura and still one of my favourite ones in this genre. The mature side of the group already arose in the awesome Beneath The Remains and here we have a natural follow up with some new elements. The production is one of the cleanest, if not the cleanest one in their discography and all the instruments have a brutality load from it.

If the title track shows no mercy in pure death/thrash style, going on we can have some gloomy sounds created by keyboards or I don’t know from what but the main thing is this: never before they used such atmospheres between songs and I love it. Some riffs too are more oriented in what would have been Chaos A.D. but surely more violent, for example in “Dead Embryonic Cells” where the mid-paced parts are full of weird solo parts. The up tempo parts are clear-cut and devastating.

“Desperate Cry” is incredibly gloom during the arpeggios part to end in a long mid-paced section. The drums work by Igor is always devastating and the crunchy guitar riffage here is more focused on the catchiness of the pattern than on the pure violence. I love the fast bass drum final with great Max's screams. The very first tribal influences come with “Subtraction” but just at the beginning, with great tempo changes and awesome refrain. We can find them again, in bigger quantity this time, with “Altered State”: the song that shows a completely different approach with odd guitar lines and mid-paced parts with doom vocals.

“Under Siege” is true gloom in the guitars, always well balanced between arpeggios-lead and violent palm muting parts. The use of some filtrated, whispered vocals makes this song even stranger and ritualistic. “Meaningless Movements” really gives you the idea of the title with schizophrenic/catchy riffs, always in semi up tempo at maximum, with the arrival of the up tempo at the end. With the final “Infected Voice” we go back to 1989 for the vicious attack and the fantastic solos. Killer song.

All in all, this is a fucking great album to me, with awesome songs that now are more focused on the catchy side than on the pure violence with a production that is finally adapt to this genre. Anyway an album that already showed us how would have been the band’s future.