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Not This Time Boys - 48%

mikeald, June 2nd, 2009

I really wanted to like this album, really. Unlike a lot of people, I like post-Max Sepultura. With Dante, we had what seemed like the band was about to turn a new corner. Yet three years later A-Lex would hit the stores and instead of progression we get regression. With A-Lex we have 18 tracks, 4 of which are introductions and 14 are actual songs. The problem is the lack of creativity in the songs themselves.

At nearly 55 minutes the listener is overwhelmed by generic songs ranging from 2-3 minutes. Since Roorback, Sepultura has watered down their song structures to what sounds more like improvised jam sessions rather than actual songs. Since this is a concept album about A Clock Work Orange I was expecting something more theatrical and varied. Yet they failed to do so again.

The listener isn’t given a chance to absorb most of the songs. There is little variation and lack of interesting beats. Yet A-Lex isn’t completely useless. Filthy Rot, We Lost You, Sadistic Vales, and Ludwig Van are all interesting cuts. With Sadistic Values we have one of the longest songs since Arise, clocking in at nearly 7 minutes. This song features theatrical moments, a great build up which only complements the aggression of the song. Filthy Rot and We Lost You are your typical Sepultura classics, stuff you will rock out to with ease. Ludwig Van is an awesome instrumental which gives the album some much need variety.

I really hope Sepultura decides to cut down the number of songs for their next album because it shouldn’t be about quantity but rather quality. I’m not one to praise the Max years but at least with those albums we had songs that contained tempo changes, long solos, and lots of variation within each song.

The reason why I’m being so hard on this album is because I know the band can do better than this. Andreas is an exceptional guitar player who hasn’t shown his true colours in awhile. Paulo has played some awesome bass melodies in the past but gets buried in the mix nowadays. Derrick is an extremely talented metal vocalist. Check out his performance on Nation to see his Nation does not suck!! Jean doesn’t really get a chance to establish himself on his debut. Judging from his performance he may have something to show us in the future, if Andreas decided to experiment more.

Download at best. Or if you’re an extreme Sepultura fan, chances are you already have a copy. Good luck boys, hopefully this was a dud like Roots….fingers crossed.