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They are back - 93%

Mindkaiser, March 27th, 2008

They're back with a vengeance. One of the founding fathers of the Greek death metal scene and probably the best known act abroad alongside with Rotting Christ, really delivered with their latest release "Communion". It has been a total mystery to me why this formidable band decided to follow separate ways after the release of the much praised "Sumerian Daemons" album. Fortunately, they are back together creating quality music once again.

This album is characterized by maturity in compositions and a very well polished sound. It sums up many of the various musical paths the band has once followed since it combines atmosphere, melody and raw power. Thus, while the first half up to "We, the Gods" could be characterized as brutal and straight forward, the remaining four tracks are more mid tempo and quite melodic bringing back memories from their "Revolution DNA" experimental period. The blending of brutal and clean vocals is in an optimal analogy, balancing successfully on the thin line of power and emotion.

A special note should be made for Christos Antoniou's orchestrations that add a unique touch to the final result. Not many musicians out there can claim to possess such musical prowess. Get this album and I guarantee you won't be disappointed. Don't expect a new "ESOPTRON" or "Ophidian Wheel" (my personal favorites) as masterpieces don't come out every day, but expect a robust death metal release from a band that has never stopped evolving.