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I wish it was better. - 60%

Akheon, April 11th, 2008

Like many other modern symphonic metal albums having an actual orchestra to bolster up their sound, Communion forgets substance over style. Guitars are blunt and pretty simple, mostly there to underline and accentuate growled/shouted vocals and keep the rhythm solid. Songwriting-wise this album contains many promises but does not come through with all of them. A few times it is found that the songs do not grow to satisfactory endings, instead opting to repeat old parts in a semi-aimless fashion. "Babel's Gate" or "Communion" are good examples of this, with very interesting beginnings but slightly disappointing (if enthralling) endings.

The mood, while slightly impersonal because of all the overbearing epicness, will grow to useful heights at times thanks to several subtle factors. Lyrics for one are unusual and fitting to the sound, consisting of strange mystic ideas and atmospheric stories. Choirs and chamber music parts also enhance the precious mystic edge this album has. It has to be mentioned here that the album's mix and overall sound is clean, clear and almost perfect - it helps too.

Great for a few listens but then it starts to wear thin. Hopefully they realize their full power before next release, because their style and ideas have a lot of potential.