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Quite simply a masterpiece ! - 90%

Edgecrusher, February 12th, 2003

Evolving from a somewhat generic death metal, the greek masters of Dark Metal deliver what's arguably their finest effort. Reduced to the two masterminds of the band (Spiros and Sotiris), the pair produced something unique, an alliance of dark moods, brooding vocals and dreamy lyrics that set the stage for the scene of avant-garde doom metal.

Songs like "Succubus Priestess" and "The Eyes of Set" still echo the beginnings of Septic Flesh, firmly rooted in the greek Death Metal scene, while songs like "Esoptron" or "Ice Castle" indicate the way that the band was to take on following albums. What really stands out on this album are the moods created by the band, each a perfect fit to the themes and lyrics of the songs. Sotiris' guitar work sets the stage for a oniric voyage through the mental universe of the band. Spiros has to be one of the best growlers in the scene, and the duets with Spiros' clean voice add an unmistakable trademark to this album (trademark which carries on until today), as featured of "Burning Phoenix". The closing number, "Narcissim", demonstrates fully the skills of the band, alterning quiet moods with powerful riffs and devastating lyrics.

Quite frankly, this is the epitome of Atmospheric metal. If you're a fan of the genre, then look no further !